Safety Awards Its Employees

The Eastern Cape Department of Safety and Liaison (ECDSL) held a farewell function and Long Service Awards ceremony at the Steve Biko Centre Foundation at Ginsburg, in King William’s Town on Friday, 24 April 2017.

The purpose of the event was to celebrate employees that have served the department for longer than ten years and also have a farewell function for those emloyees that have retired from department.

In his welcoming remarks the acting head of the department Mr Zukile Kani congratulated all those employees that were awarded and those that had a farewell function. He also thanked them for having been loyal public servants throughout their long service, and also wished well all those employees that had retired from the department. Among the employees who retired were Mr Lawrence Jaji and Mr Phiwe Zenzile, but he unfortunately could not attend the function due to a prior commitment.

Mr Lawrence Jaji who had served the department through many ranks before being appointed as an Assistant Director: Human Resource Administration, until he retired from the department at the end of February 2017.The event which was attended by a cross-section of all the district offices of the ECDSL, heard all offices shower the recipients of the awards with praises. The event was glamorous, with employees showcasing their vintage outfits, as well as their talents.

Ms Nomfundo Mahonga, Senior Manager: Human Resource Management, speaking in her capacity as Mr Jaji’s supervisor informed the audience that she had worked with him for a long time and the experience she had with him was worthwhile.

“There was a good working relationship between the two of us. Mr Jaji was a seasoned employee, who has been with the department for more than 20 years,” she said. “He was the one who established the Records Management Unit of the department and that Mr Jaji was an expert when it came to Persal,” she added.

On the Second session of the event the staff members were awarded certificates for their long service in the public sector. By getting these awards, the department was showing appreciation to the employees for serving the department with obedience and humility. The categories that were awarded were employees that have been in the public services for 10 years and more. Mrs Nonyameko Mrubata who has been working for the department as a General Assistant was among the employees that were awarded for long service. She confirmed that she had served the department for more than 30 years and she would retire from the department shortly.