The Disabled Have A Right To Be Safe

The Department of Safety and Liaison (DSL) partnered with the Department of Human Settlements (DHS) to observe the rights of people living with disabilities and to emphasize that all people have equal rights.

The event was held at on Wednesday, 1 March 2017 at the Moses Twebe Hall in Dimbaza. This also marked the commemoration of the Human Rights Month, observed every year. Human Rights Month is commemorated in March to remind South Africans of the sacrifices that accompanied the struggle for the attainment of Democracy in South Africa.

The MEC of the Department of Safety and Liaison Honourable Weziwe Tikana pledged the commitment of her department to safeguard the rights of the people with disabilities.

“Disabled members of our community have the same rights as able bodied people,” said the MEC. “The fact that others among us have physical impairments does not reduce their rights to human dignity. Communities needed to be educated about the rights of the people with disabled so that they have increased awareness about the role they could play to ensure the safety of the disabled,” she added.

The Honourable MEC also highlighted that communities needed to become more aware of disabled people around the community they must exercise caution and patience towards them.

“There are many kinds of disabilities including blindness, hearing impairment, physical disability and mental disability. All persons have the right to use public facilities including the road. When motorists and other pedestrians identify that an individual has a disability of any kind, they must show kindness instead of hostility. Always put yourself in the same shoes you think the other person is wearing, so that you can understand the other person’s position better. Disabled people have a right to be safe and they must not be discriminated against,” said the Honourable MEC.

The delegation was ably led by the MEC for Human Settlements, Honourable Hellen Souls–August and included members of the South African Police Service (SAPS), took to the street of Dimbaza and handed out information packs about the rights of people with disabilities.