By Bukiwe Mdabula

The Department of Safety and Liaison (DSL) handed over medals to young people
who participated in the Sports Against Crime program that was held at Nkanga
Administrative Area in Centane on 30 and 31 July 2018.

The purpose of this Sport Against Crime program was to rekindle and restore the moral fibre
of the community of Nkanga and to celebrate the Nelson Mandela centenary. The
Government of South Africa earlier this year announced that 2018 would be the year of
Nelson Mandela. The theme for the year of Nelson Mandela was “Be the legacy”.
The Sport Against Crime programme was a response to the criminal activities that came
about as a result of drug abuse, alcohol abuse and the high rate of school dropouts. The
fights started back in the 1990s, but they became severe as time went by. The department in
partnership with Amathole District Municipality (ADM), the National Prosecuting Authority
(NPA) as well as the Department of Social Development (DoSD), worked together to ensure
that the event was a resounding success.

On the first day of the programme the department had a dialogue with the children of the
surrounding areas where they outlined the challenges they were experiencing and also the
extent in which the fights were affecting them. The dialogue was preceded by sport activities
such as netball and soccer. Sport activities were designed for young people to nurture their
talents so that they could become better leaders in the near future.
Mr Baxolise Delani who was a community member said they welcomed the initiative from
the Department of Safety and Liaison to help the youth of Nkanga.” It is assisting to take
young people away from criminal activities through sporting codes. ‘Sport activities in nature
are designed to instil discipline among young people so that they could do away with
criminal activities,” he said.

Ms Miranda Sinqotho responsible to manage Amathole District said in conclusion “We came
here today to appeal to the youth of Nkanga to stop this fighting and killing each other. You
must stay away from acts of violence and also pre –initiation ceremony must be regulated as
these fights happen mostly when there are these ceremonies. Set an example to others so
that the community of Nkanga should be crime free. As the department of Safety and Liaison
our mandate is to ensure that communities are safe and free from all acts of violence and