Elderly People pampered in the name of Mandela

By Bukiwe Mdabula

As part of the Nelson Mandela Centenary Celebrations, the Department of Safety and
Liaison (DSL), in partnership with the Community Police Forum (CPF) of the Nelson
Mandela District, hosted a gathering for senior citizens at the Boardwalk Casino in
Port Elizabeth on Wednesday, 11 July 2018.

The purpose of the event was to pamper elderly people and those who were neglected by
their families so that they would also feel dignified.

The government of the Republic of South Africa announced earlier this year that the entire
country would be remembering the legacy of the world icon, Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela in
different ways, as he would have turned 100 years old had he lived.

Among the stakeholders that were present at the occasion was the Chinese Community, the
Boardwalk, Community Police Forum, Avbob and Sanlam. The Department of Health
educated the elderly people on better ways to maintain their health. It was said that they
should exercise and also watch their diet so that they could age graciously. They were also
showered with gifts.

Mr Jan Steenberg who had turned 114 years old, was the eldest guest at the occasion. The
senior citizen received R500 from Avbob, and all the elderly people were showered with
special gifts. A birthday cake was cut as a symbolic ceremonious celebration of the Nelson
Mandela Centenary.

Deputy Chairperson of the Elderly People’s Forum (EPF), Mr Jane Harris thanked the
Department of Safety and Liaison and other stakeholders for their initiative to give up their
time and resources, to make sure that the elderly people of the Nelson Mandela Metro were
pampered and made to feel the special the day.

“We in deed feel very special this day, because nowadays elderly people are victims of
abuse from their grandchildren and the society in general. We really appreciate this initiative
by the Department of Safety and Liaison and other stakeholders who remembered us on this
day,” he said.

Mrs Nomzi Mlambo from Mount Road Police Cluster, echoed the same sentiments as Mr
Harris that in deed they felt very special on the day and they also appreciated the effort that
was made by the Department of Safety and Liaison, for having remembered them on this
special day.