New Sand River Bridge to opened by MEC Tikana

By Anele Valela

The MEC for Transport, Safety and Liaison, Ms Weziwe Tikana officially opened the Sand
River Bridge on Friday, 28 September 2018 at St Francis Bay in the Kouga Municipality.

The bridge had collapsed in July 2011 during the floods that engulfed the Western Region of the
Eastern Cape Province, affecting towns including Humansdorp, St Francis Bay and Oyster Bay.
The new and improved Sand River Bridge has seen the R330 route connecting Humansdorp
and St Francis Bay reopened.

In line with the mandate of the Eastern Cape Department of Safety and Liaison, the safety and
security of the people of the province is highly important. MEC Ms Weziwe Tikana said that the
closure of the bridge had a negative impact on the economy and the lives of the Kouga Local

“We had noted with concern that the people of this area found themselves in a compromised
position as a result of the closure of this road,” said the MEC.

“This area is one of the tourism hubs of the province, with some of the most beautiful
establishments. Tourism is the backbone of the economy of the Kouga Local Municipality. As a
result of the collapse of the bridge, Oyster Bay, St Francis Bay, Jeffery’s Bay and Humansdorp
suffered. Motorists had to travel via the N2 to get to their destinations, which meant they had to
travel longer distances. People who do not have vehicles had to try and cross this river on foot,
which was a problem during the rainy season. We are now proud to hand over this facility to the
people of the Kouga Local Municipality and we are confident that the refurbishment of this
bridge will change the lives of our people for the better,” explained MEC Tikana.

The new and improved Sand River Bridge was built with modern day infrastructure and
technology. The bridge is guaranteed to with stand the toughest of weather conditions.