Stats show increased arrests and conviction rate

By Zintle Sobetwa

The 2018 Eastern Cape crime statistics showed that even though crime rates have
increased in many areas of the Eastern Cape, the number of arrests and convictions
in cases opened during this financial year have increased.

The crime statistics, which, were tabled by the Provincial Crime Registrar, Brigadier Andre
Krause, reflected that the society was more willing than before to assist through provision of
information needed when there were crimes committed in the communities.

The 2018 crime statistics release event, was hosted by the Department of Safety and
Liaison hand in glove with the South African Police Service (SAPS), at the Griffiths Mxenge
Complex SAPS provincial headquarters on Tuesday, 18 September 2018 in Zwelitsha, King
William’s Town.

The stats also showed that:

  • The number of commercial crimes, such as cheque fraud, commercial bribery, credit
    card hijacking, have decreased.
  • Shoplifting decreased by 40% in the past 10 years
  • Police involvement has increased with 43% in the past 10 years
  • Department of Safety and Liaison increased its footprint in addressing community

MEC Tikana acknowledged and complemented the sterling work done by the police and also
urged them to continue building and maintaining the mutual-trust between the communities
and themselves.

“We need to set our minds on working towards a crime free society, but also keep in mind
that the lawbreakers are not sleeping, they are crafting their plans to make the system
dysfunctional. If we work closely with the people we are a serving, we can accomplish more,”
said MEC Tikana

“There is a gruesome discovery that I made that, if we look closely in most of the Eastern
Cape townships and even in villages, there are too many liquor outlets. The total number of
schools and churches combined in two towns is far less than the number of liquor outlets in
just one township. These are alarming figures. The numbers prove that alcohol abuse is the
root cause of the downfall of our communities,” she added.

The MEC also recognised the sterling work done by the CPFs in all communities and also
urged the communities to handle with care the issues of witchcraft accusations, rape, drug
and alcohol abuse. She said that proper parenting of children was the answer to all these
ills, and regarded the children the future leaders of the country.

The program was graced by the presence of the Department of Safety and Liaison MEC Ms
Weziwe Tikana, Safety and Liaison Portfolio Committee Chairperson, Mr Michael Peter,
Acting HoD of Safety and Liaison Mr Zukile Kani, as well as the Eastern Cape Provincial
Police Commissioner Lieutenant Liziwe Ntshinga, together with high rank police officers in
the province.