Policing Accountability Engagement and Public Education Campaign.

On the 24 May 2023, the Department of Community Safety through the OR Tambo district held a Policing Accountability Engagement and Public Education Campaign to address the spike of criminal activities under the theme “MUSA UKUTHULA KUSONAKALA” at Mankosi administrative area in Ngqeleni.

 The event was graced by the presence of the community members and stakeholders from various departments namely; Department of Labour, Social Development, Alwande ulwazi, South African Police Services (SAPS), Sange Social Change, National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), One to One (NGO) , Community Police Forum (CPF) and Correctional Services.

The audience spoke on the issues of policing in the area and the surrounding areas, while outlining how these were affecting their livelihood. The main issue was the Police response time in attending to issues of crime and misdemeanour as a result of the travel time to the various areas that the Police caters for, this is as a result of the poor conditions of the roads in the region and the distance in which the Police have to travel to get to the various areas to render their service. The killing of Tourists and rape amongst the elderly have also been highlighted as one of the concerning matters in the area.

The Department will compile a report and forward all the concerns to the relevant departments, and they will update them on the progress made in trying to resolve their issues.

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